Back Trigger/ Hypersensitivity

My hypersensitive back = the root of all evil.

My PTSD pools in my lower back, making it tingly and me jumpy. Once I swore a bee had stung me, it hurt so much. But really it’s all that twisting to look over my shoulder and the persistant fear that someone will come up behind me. Out of my triggered back grows a weeping willow that weighs on me wherever I go.

I’ll tell you one great thing about hypervigilence though, Who else do you know who can hear a twig snap from a block away. It’s sort of a super power. If something does startle me into an adrenaline fueled run? Whew! I’ve never run so fast in my life before. That speed is liberating. It proves to me that this time my body is working. This time I won’t be trapped. This time I will get away

…from a squirrel. Oh, it was just a squirrel.



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