I am not an artist, nor am I much of a poet. I am, however a survivor with a penchant for creative expression. I’ve had PTSD since September 2014, and I am still on a winding road to recovery. While I am not a great artist or poet, I have found that it is vital to express what I am going through. Therapists and family may encourage people with PTSD to talk about what happened. Sometimes we write about it, in diaries, blogs, essays, or books. A lot of the time though, what I am going through is hard to describe, but easier to show.

If there is a silver lining to what I have lived through, it is that I am stronger for it and I have met many strong survivors along my path to recovery. I want to share how I see life with PTSD for many reasons. Most of all I hope this site can offer strength, humor, and a sense of community to other people who also have PTSD, Depression, Anxiety or have otherwise gone through trauma in their lives. I hope that I can encourage other members to submit their PTSD poems and artwork, so that this site represents our shared experiences. I want people to see that you are not alone in whatever troubles you are going through. Finally, this site welcomes everyone who wants to be an ally to someone with PTSD or wants to understand more about mental health.

Let this blog be a safe and respectful place where you can embrace the daily life of a PTSD survivor, the good, bad and ugly. There is a lot of bad and ugly in a PTSD diagnosis, but there is sometimes a flash of good or a streak of happy triumph if you look hard.

A note about retraumatization. I sincerely hope that none of the posts here retraumatize or trigger anyone. The material could be triggering at times, so proceed with caution and self care. To those who do not have PTSD, validate whatever people choose to share here, or not share. PTSD is a lot like chronic grief at times. At other times it’s more like a chronic disease, but it is also a beast of it’s own. Sharing takes courage and courage engenders strength. If you have ideas of what else you would want to see here, like coping skills, grounding techniques, my tips for managing nightmares, panic attacks or flashbacks, I’m happy to share. The goal is for this blog to be a resource.







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